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Hi I’m Kate, a married Mum to two boys: Oliver, age three and Charlie, a baby. After my family, cooking, eating healthily and being active are my biggest passions; I love to get outside with my boys. When I’m at home I like to create simple recipes for the whole family to enjoy.

Join me on my parenting journey, creating simple recipes for the whole family to enjoy along the way. Here on the Hitchens’ Kitchen blog I share my attempts to juggle a full time career, a pre-schooler, a nursing baby, a husband and try and find some time for my hobbies, my friends and also run my house—which in itself is no mean feat.

Like most mums this involves being a chef, maid, book keeper, secretary, cleaner, entertainer, events organiser extraordinaire (I LOVE a party!), personal shopper, driver, First Aider… you get the gist; I’m sure you can relate. I try and keep all my plates spinning, but when one does occasionally come crashing down I document it with honesty.

Woman nursing a baby
Mother and child cooking

I did Baby Led Weaning with Oliver and now he eats anything and everything. I’m doing it again with Charlie now; all of my recipes are suitable from six months old, perhaps with a few small adjustments. I’m usually helped in the kitchen by my Sous Chef, Oliver. I’m so pleased that he likes cooking and eating as much as I do.

Check out my Instagram and Facebook page for cooking demonstrations, live cookalongs, Q&As and reviews. You won’t find any fancy food or artfully scattered spinach leaves on plates here, I’m just a normal mum making food for my family.

I founded a Baby Led Weaning Ideas, Recipes and Reviews group on Facebook when I started weaning Oliver, it’s now a really supportive community. Please feel free to join us here.

If you have any questions or suggestions of content you’d love to see, or if you are a brand or organisation who wants to work with me then please do get in touch here!