Afternoon Tea at Ting, Shangri – La (The Shard), review with Bookable

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Afternoon Tea at Ting, Shangri – La (The Shard), review with Bookable

This post is in collaboration with Bookatable.

I recently had to travel to London with Oliver for a hospital appointment, he was due to have some invasive testing and I wanted t0 treat him to something special afterwards.

Most 4 year olds would probably like to visit a museum or a park, but the apple didn’t fall far from the tree with him and when I asked him what he’d like to do after his appointment he said he wanted to drink tea and eat cake! There are so many different options for afternoon tea in the city; I was overwhelmed after a quick google search. We headed to Bookatable’s website, where they had a list of themed afternoon teas. After checking a few menus and locations from the extensive list on the website, we decided on Ting, at the Shangri La Hotel. The deciding factor for Oliver was that it’s on the 35th floor of The Shard. Booking was simple using Bookatable, we simply stated how many people the booking was for and chose a date. Bookatable then checked the availability and offered us times, every 30 minutes from 12.30pm to 4.00pm. There was space to write a note – dietary requests etc. and I asked to be seated by the window overlooking London Bridge, if possible. I recieved an email to confirm my booking, as well as a phone call the day before, reconfirming my booking and noting my special request.

We were both so excited approaching The Shard, Oliver had seen it from a distance but never been anywhere near it before. As we approached the restaurant we were greeted by a member of staff who took our coats and Oliver’s bag – he was treated like a little V.I.P from start to finish. Our table was as I requested on Bookatable, right by the window overlooking London Bridge.

View from Ting
It was a clear day and the view was amazing. The restaurant itself was a mixture of tables laid formally for dining and large comfy lounge chairs and lower tables. Our server was called Callum, and it’s safe to say he was the highlight of Oliver’s visit. He spoke to Oliver on his level, making him feel really comfortable, and answered his (millions of) questions patiently.

Green Tea
We were served green tea to enjoy whilst we looked at the menu, on a platter of dry ice, which bellowed with mist when liquid was poured on, it was a great start to the occasion and filled Oliver with awe as he’d never seen anything like this before. I chose my tea with Callum’s guidance from a selection of more than 30, deciding on a white tea with rose.

Afternoon Tea

We were served a delicious selection of food including ham, chicken, cucumber and smoked salmon sandwiches, various cakes and pastries and course, scones with jam and clotted cream. Callum explained what each item was and Oliver asked a few more questions. He’s quite adventurous with his food, but he found the mustard mayonnaise in the ham sandwiches a bit overpowering, he told Callum they were too spicy when he came over to see how we were doing. Without us asking he offered to go and have a round of them made up without mustard. We were all offered more sandwiches and scones, and although we couldn’t manage any more scones we did have another round of sandwiches.


We had a really enjoyable afternoon, the food was brilliant quality, our server Callum could not have done more to amuse Oliver and make us feel welcome. For an adult it cost £52.00, and this included unlimited savoury food and scones, unlimited tea and a bellini cocktail. I wasn’t charged anything for Oliver. Considering that this was more than just an afternoon tea, it was also an experience visiting the 35th floor of The Shard, I thought the value was good too.

I would highly recommend checking out next time you need somewhere to eat!

Kate Hitchens
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