Baby Led Weaning Week by Week – Week 3

Baby eating croissant

Baby Led Weaning Week by Week – Week 3

We are now on week 3 of weaning, and Charlie is starting to make really good progress and a LOT of mess.

This week he has been awake and happier at dinner times, so he has been joining in with family meals. His first ever ‘proper’ meal was sausage, mash and vegetables. Sausages are quite salty so I only gave him a quarter, and I left the skin on so that he could pick it up more easily. When I started weaning Oliver 3 years ago I was advised to take the skin off; I found he couldn’t hold it and it fell apart so now I leave it on. I didn’t actually give Charlie mash, I thought it would be easier for him to pick up a boiled potato so I just kept one to the side before I mashed the rest, it also meant that it cooled down a little bit too. He really seemed to enjoy the vegetables with this meal, he seemed to swallow more than he has done before.

A potato, sausage and veg on a baby highchair tray

After the meal I had a lot of mash and soft broccoli and carrot left, so I made it into little snack balls which actually went down really well with the whole family. I waited until the mash and vegetables were all cool and then mashed them all together, then added a handful of grated cheese and mixed really well. I made golf ball sized balls with the mixture and then I rolled in breadcrumbs, spread on a tray, sprayed with oil and baked at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. I actually served these cold for the next few days, but you could freeze them if you wanted to and then serve cold once defrosted, or re-heat them from frozen in the oven for a few minutes.

Mashed potato balls in breadcrumbs

This week we went out for lunch with Charlie’s baby friends and their Mummies.

I never went to antenatal classes or parenting classes with Oliver, so it’s lovely to now have a group whose babies are all at the same stage who are going through all the same things at the same time. We are all either just starting weaning or about to wean. Some have chosen to do BLW, some have chosen to do just pureed food and some have chosen to mix puree and finger foods. And guess what? We can have differences of opinions when it comes to weaning and still be friends! I find some weaning sources such as blogs or Facebook groups to be really anti weaning one way or the other. Although I’ve chosen to BLW and believe it has benefits beyond the actual food, I don’t judge other parents for how they wish to wean their babies. It’s so lovely seeing them all enjoying their food, whatever form it takes. We’ve all got the same end goal – to raise happy, healthy, fed children. This week I was armed when we went out (unlike last week when Charlie had to sit on my knee to eat in a café). I knew where we were going only had one highchair (and a rubbish one for a young baby) so I took Charlie’s little seat and tray with me, and I’m so glad I did. I strapped him to a chair and gave him some leftovers from dinner the night before, and some breadsticks dipped in a Baby Led Spread.

Jars of baby foodIt’s unusual to find something pre-made for babies that’s savoury; I find most baby food is sweet. These little pots come in six different flavours and are perfect for BLW. They are all long life; I keep one in my bag and if I go somewhere there’s nothing for him to eat I get some bread or vegetables and dip them in for him. You can also use them as a pasta sauce, spread on toast, dip in breadsticks/pitta, use as a pizza topping on English muffins for quick pizzas, the possibilities are endless! Little person portion sized pots mean no wastage – no half eaten jars left knocking about to go off!

Charlie’s favourite meal this week was homemade pizza.

This is one of our family favourites so I’m glad he enjoyed it too. I usually make my own dough from scratch if I have time, but if not I use a packet mix from Sweetpea Pantry or I buy it frozen from the supermarket. This week I made my own, and just did cheese and tomato for Charlie, whilst the rest of us had chorizo and goat’s cheese. He didn’t actually eat much of the pizza or toppings themselves, but he enjoyed chewing on the crusts and sucking the juice from the quartered beef tomatoes that I served alongside it.

Worktop covered in flour and ingredients to make pizza

Overall this week has been a good week with weaning, Charlie has continued to taste everything that he’s been given and he’s swallowed a lot more. He still missed the odd meal due to being asleep, but at the moment he’s still having milk on demand so I know he won’t go hungry. In the next few weeks I’m going to start to try and replace a milk feed with solids, in preparation for me going back to work and no longer being able to nurse on demand.

How are you finding your weaning journey so far? Please let me know below!


Kate Hitchens
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