Baby Led Weaning Week by Week – Week 2

Baby grabbing fruit from a plate

Baby Led Weaning Week by Week – Week 2

Weaning has been slow this week.

Last week Charlie turned 6 months old and I started weaning him. See how we started off week 1 here. My eldest son Oliver, who is now 3 didn’t stop once he’d started weaning. He took to it like a natural and was eating hot chilli con carne (still one of his favourites) by the end of the first week, with evidence that he was chewing and swallowing showing up in his nappies.

Charlie is taking to BLW a little more slowly. Occasionally I have to remind myself that’s ok.

A good friend’s son has just started BLW and he’s taken to it like a pro. It’s hard not to compare Charlie to his peers or his big brother, but I’ve got to accept he’s a different baby and go at his pace. That being said, he’s picked up and tried everything I’ve offered him and given it a good suck and has been chewing too. This week I introduced a cup to Charlie and offered him water each time he had solids. Oliver is still a nightmare with drinking; I’m lucky if he finishes one whole cup a day! As a baby I tried every single cup going and he took months until he figured out what to do, often becoming constipated due to slight dehydration. I gave Charlie a two handled beaker with a soft flexible straw from TumTum and he knew exactly what to do and managed to get lots of water out on his very first try. It has a weighted straw so whichever way up he tipped the cup the bottom of the straw remained in the water and he was able to get it out. I was amazed; it just goes to show how different two babies can be.

At the start of this week he wasn’t quite ready for full meals. I made lasagne at the request of Oliver and I was excited to see what Charlie would make of it. It would have been the first opportunity he’d had to really get stuck in and eat a proper meal with us. When it came to it he was being very fussy leading up to dinner time and didn’t really want to go in his high chair. I didn’t fancy him eating lasagne whilst sitting on my lap so I gave him a cucumber stick to chomp on whilst we ate. After two minutes he wanted milk, so I took the cucumber away and nursed him instead. I think I made the right choice not to persist putting him in the high chair and give him the lasagne otherwise he’d have been covered in it and it would have been hard to clean him up whilst he wanted milk, I would have ended up covered in lasagne too. I freeze almost everything so it didn’t go to waste, he can have it another day.

This week I’ve continued to offer him food whenever he’s awake and I was eating, which wasn’t actually very often! His sleep has been a little off this week. Perhaps it’s his little stomach getting used to food, maybe he’s teething or experiencing a leap. All I know is that he’s been waking more often and waking a lot earlier than usual in the mornings, so he’s usually been asleep already when I’ve had breakfast. Some days this week he’s slept through lunch and dinner too. Well meaning relatives have questioned if I am going to be giving him any puree to make sure he’s ‘full’ as he hasn’t appeared to eat very much yet. I’m not going to as I’m not too worried; I feed on demand and he’s having plenty of wet and dirty nappies still and is happy in himself so I’m confident he’s still getting enough from my milk. On the day he did have breakfast I gave him normal porridge made with blue top cow’s milk and served it preloaded onto a dipping spoon. Within two minutes the spoon had been abandoned and he was enjoying eating it with his hands.

Baby covered in porridge

One new product I’ve tried this week was the Tidy Tot Bib & Tray kit. It’s designed to fit the Ikea Antilop highchair but I believe it fits others too. It’s a large circular tray with a raised edge which attaches to the highchair tray; it stops the baby from dropping food onto the floor. There’s also a bib which the baby wears and it attaches to the tray itself so no food can be dropped between the baby and the tray. If you’ve started weaning you’ll appreciate how annoying it is getting down on your hands and knees for the 100th time in one meal to hand dropped food back, or fishing around your baby’s lap for dropped food. I wish I had known about these when weaning Oliver, it’s genius! I’ll be honest: I was dubious to begin with, I thought it looked cumbersome and difficult to clean but it folds up easily, similarly to a pop up washing basket and comes with a handy storage wallet. The bib goes in the wash and I just empty the larger pieces of food into the bin and then wipe it using antibac spray and a cloth. It’s so much better than scrabbling around on the floor!

Baby with a tray and bib

If I’m going out to lunch I don’t generally pack food for either of the children. Oliver choses whatever he would like from the menu and I would usually choose something suitable to share with Charlie. I got caught out one day this week! I went for lunch and was going to order a jacket potato which came with a side salad. I thought I’d give Charlie a small piece of potato with a bit of cheese mashed in, and some bits of salad. Then he fell asleep and I had really fancied the scampi with chips and peas so I ordered that instead. Typically the moment it arrived at the table he woke up and wanted to share my lunch! I didn’t really want him eating deep fried food that early in his weaning journey so I asked the restaurant for some cucumber and tomato and they were more than happy to give me some for him. He did also have two chips when they had cooled down. Most cafes and restaurants will be happy to give you a few chopped up vegetables free of charge for such a young baby as long as you’re eating and drinking; just ask.

Towards the end of the week I did get some evidence in his nappies that he had actually swallowed some food, and he’s seemed to not get bored and able keep going a little while longer at mealtimes, so I’m looking forward to trying him on proper dinners again next week!

How have you got on with weaning this week? I’d love to read all about your weaning journey below.

Kate Hitchens
  • Rasha
    Posted at 09:21h, 17 August Reply

    I don’t personally have any children yet but this was an interesting read! How adorable is Charlie…

    • Kate Hitchens
      Posted at 21:07h, 20 August Reply

      Ahh thanks 🙂 I think he’s rather cute but I’m biased 😉

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