Christmas Gift Ideas for 5 – 7 year olds 2019

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Christmas Gift Ideas for 5 – 7 year olds 2019

Oliver is 5 now, as well as playing the odd board game he loves his lego, hot wheels track, mechano and crafting. The ‘problem’ with these toys is that he only ever really wants to play with them on his own, no-one is allowed to touch any of his creations or disturb the master whilst he’s at work.

For Christmas this year I’ve decided to focus on things that we can do together. Some of the things are for age 8 plus, but I figure we’ll be doing them together so it will be fine. I’ve tried to find things to get him thinking, creating, talking and playing with us. I love watching him play with his lego independently (and I’m not going to lie – I love sitting and having a hot cup of tea whilst he’s doing it!), but sometimes I just want to do something together!

Below I’ve detailed what I’ve chosen this year, some items I have been gifted with, I will mark them with an asterix (*).

Chistmas presents

Little Brian Paint Sticks Art Station* – Oliver loves to use his paint sticks, and at school he has an easel. He asked me for an easel for Christmas but we don’t really have room to have one up all the time. This two sided art station (black board and white board) can be used on a table top with or without paper and folds down into a carry case so it’s portable. I’m hoping we can use it to keep him entertained on long car journeys, the paint sticks it comes with are mess free, there actually like glue sticks, so we don’t need to worry about paint going everywhere.

Bio Energy – This is a science kit that allows children to discover the principal of generating energy in a ‘green’ way, making energy from natural materials without making any pollution. It comes with all the equipment needed to make your own batteries to power a musical chip, a light bulb and a clock, all we need to add is fruit and vegetables, water or juices to power the batteries. I can’t wait to get started on this!

Usborne Books 365 Things to Make and Do – We love Usborne books, they’re perfectly pitched at young children. This is a book full of craft ideas to make things for all occasions including Christmas, Easter etc but also just models of animals, birthday presents etc. What I like about this book is that it shows you step by step pictures and the instructions look easy to follow, most of the crafts can be done with household things like egg boxes and toilet roll tubes, with a few additional things which can be picked up cheaply in the pound shop like pipe cleaners and googly eyes.

Hotel Transylvania 3 board game and jigsaw* – This board game and jigsaw are from the film Hotel Transylvania 3 which was one of the first films that Oliver sat still and watched without getting down and running around. He’s actually not into jigsaws at all, every time I suggest doing one he walks off or says no, so I’m hoping the film link will help to engage him. I’d love to sit with him doing a jigsaw, I think it would be really good for when we need to talk about things. Since he’s started school he has some big emotions and sometimes it’s good to be able to do something with our hands and have a heart to heart at the same time, I’m hoping this jigsaw provides that opportunity.

Take n Play Hangman* – This hangman game is magnetic so another great game for taking on the move. Oliver loves spellings words out loud but isn’t great at writing yet, I often don’t recognise his letter formations. This would be a great opportunity for us to find the correct tiles and learn the spellings of the words, then we can start to play the hang man properly. This was one of my favourite games to play with my sister on long car journeys so I can’t wait to play it again. Take n play do a whole range of magnetic games.

Make Your Own Movie – Oliver is getting more curious about mobile phones, so far I’ve managed to keep him off them as much as possible as I don’t want him becoming addicted or sitting and wasting hours just mindlessly scrolling. This kit requires you to download an app, but then it has everything that you need to make your own movie like the cartoon character, Morph. It has several different backgrounds, props and costumes and modelling clay, googly eyes and shaping tools to create your own characters. I’m not actually very creative when it comes to play dough – hopefully this is something that Daddy can do with him!

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