The Wizarding World of Harry Potter comes to Hamleys

Mum and baby with Hamley bear

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter comes to Hamleys

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a massive Harry Potter fan.

The term for people like me is a ‘Potterhead’. At my hen party we played ‘plant a kiss on Harry Potter’ instead of pin the tail. Amongst my wedding presents was a wand. Yes, really. My two children share names with characters from the book. My husband drew the line at naming our children Harry and Ron but Oliver (Wood) and Charlie (Weasley) I just about managed to get away with. A mere muggle like my husband would never spot the connection. But Potterheads? They know.

Baby Harry Potter asleep

So imagine my excitement to have been invited to the opening of Harry Potter at Hamleys, the finest toy shop in the world, gaining entry before the general public. As I walked down Regent’s Street and approached the iconic Hamleys building I could already see the crests for the four houses in the upper windows, and could hear nearby muggles talking excitedly about what to expect inside.

I walked in along the red carpet and I could hear the unmistakably enchanting Harry Potter theme tune. I descended the stairs to the Lower Ground Floor which were also adorned with the house crests and was greeted by a scene that I imagine the Hogwarts Express side of Platform 9 and 3/4 would look like. There were wizards and witches all over. To my left a wizard was animatedly commentating on a live game of Quiddich, to my right some witches had drawn their wands and were having a duel; blasting spells back and forth. Ahead a serious sounding wizard with a booming voice was performing a sorting ceremony with the famous sorting hat.

Timetable of events

There was so much merchandise, including some firm favourites of mine such as Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, but also new things that even I hadn’t seen before, such as a moving, talking sorting hat and a magic wand that works with an App to do magical things. Prices start from as little as £4.00 for an enamel pin badge.

You could easily spend a few hours participating in the timetable of activities, which are on for the remainder of the school summer holidays, shopping for merchandise, stopping to pose at the various photo opportunities and just marvelling at the various Lego characters, which include a life size Hagrid. It’s easy to forget that there are 6 more floors to explore!

Life size Hagrid made from lego bricks

I was so incredibly lucky to be able to attend this event, I enjoyed every minute. I loved seeing how the Hamleys’ team had transformed the area into a magical emporium. I rubbed shoulders with some celebrities and I was fortunate to meet the Honest Mum herself, Vicki Psarias, who I had a really nice chat about getting into blogging with.

Even if you’re not a Potterhead, you’ll find plenty to see at Hamleys. From the famous daily opening ceremony to puppet shows, toy demonstrations, nail and glitter body art, karaoke, drone flying and magic workshops not to mention all of the toys and games; there really is something for all ages.

Watch the official Hamleys’ promotional video here and see if you can spot my very own baby Harry Potter!

Kate Hitchens
  • Cassie Parish
    Posted at 22:03h, 17 August Reply

    You crack me up! I genuinely never knew this about the boys names lol sly. Totallyjel tjat you got to meet Vicki too x

    • Kate Hitchens
      Posted at 21:12h, 20 August Reply

      You’re not the only one not to notice/know this about the boys names. Neil was pretty surprised when he read this blog post and found out too HAHAHA! It’s too late now 😉

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