Zippos Circus ‘The Magnificent Top Hat’ Review

Zippos Circus

Zippos Circus ‘The Magnificent Top Hat’ Review

We were so excited to be invited to Zippos Circus today.

‘The Magnificent Big Hat’ is a brand new circus show which premiered on the 4th April 2019. We were lucky to be invited to the circus in return for sharing about it on social media. I wasn’t asked to do a written review but we enjoyed it so much that I wanted to share it with you!

Approaching Blackheath common our excitement levels were off the scale as we could see the huge red and white Big Top with the red flags on top. Oliver said it was bigger than he imagined it to be, even to me it seemed huge! We were greeted by Ringmaster Norman Barrett himself who has been with Zippos Circus for 21 years!

Zippos Big Top

Oliver and Charlie haven’t been to the circus before; Oliver had only ever read about them in books and Charlie obviously had no clue what was in store! I wasn’t sure if at 4 years old Oliver would sit still for the whole show but he made it to the grand finale; I’m pleased to report that Zippo’s easily held his attention for the full show! Even Charlie (who is now walking and into everything and doesn’t usually sit still for a minute) was totally mesmerised and particularly liked the aerial performers.

Circus act

The show was 2 hours from start to finish with a 20 minute interval. Refreshments including hot and cold drinks, popcorn and candy floss (both £4 each) were available to buy before and after the show, as well as flashing lights, headbands and programmes (£5 each).

The circus had traditional acts like a knife thrower and mind boggling contortionist, as well as astonishing acrobats and aerialists (my personal favourite!) and daredevil motorcyclists.

Circus act

The Brazilian Lucius Troupe of five motorcyclists in the famous Globe of Death were Oliver’s favourite part. We couldn’t believe how many motor bikes were inside the globe roaring and whizzing around at once! There were other acts from around the globe including Kenyan tumblers and Cuban Springboard acrobats.

Circus Act

The toilets were clean and in good working order at the start of the show and they had baby changing facilities.

My Top Tips for enjoying Zippos Circus

  • In summer it can be warm in the big top so wear light layers you can take off easily so you’re not too hot.
  • Pre-order your popcorn, candy floss and programme online when you order your tickets to save having to take too much cash.
  • Get there 30 minutes early to get the best seats you can – we were at the back seated in front view seats. We really liked our seats we had a great view and didn’t have to strain our necks watching the aerialists.
  • Leave the buggy at home if you don’t need it, take a sling if a young baby will need to sleep. Buggies aren’t allowed inside the circus ring area but there’s a buggy park in the entrance hall to leave them.
  • There’s an opportunity to have your photo taken by the circus with one of the acts at the interval so make sure you have change for this.
  • If you’re celebrating a special birthday or anniversary email them in advance or tell them when you buy your tickets – you might just be lucky enough to have the Ringmaster give you a shout out!

Tickets for Zippos circus start at £7.50 for children (plus an online booking fee). Click here to see when Zippo’s is coming to a town near you!

Kate Hitchens
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